Carine Galant

Qualitative Research Manager

Carine heads the qualitative team at Kantar and has been working with us for more than 20 years.

Corinne Mostaert

Client Service Manager - Innovation & Product Development

Corinne is the Belgian Kantar expert for Innovation and Product Development and has worked for Kantar since 2012.

Gino De Vooght

Client Service Manager - Innov & Product Development/Brand & Comm

Gino works for Kantar since 2013 as the expert on innovation and branding strategies.

Isabelle Van Coppenolle

Senior Consultant Qualitative

Isabelle has a master degree in Sociology and 25 years of experience in qualitative market research and marketing.

Jan Bryssinck

Senior Consultant Qualitative

Jan holds a degree in clinical psychology from the university of Ghent and has more than 25 years of experience in (international) market research.

Jan Drijvers

Client Service Manager - Media Research

Jan is responsible for research involving the media sector. His career at Kantar started in 1995.

Jochen Vandenbossche

Qualitative Consultant

Jochen joined Kantar in 2014 and has ten years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research (academic and commercial).

Kim Geerinck

Client Service Manager Media Research

Kim has more than 15 years of experience as market analyst for different kind of media.

Lieven De Borger

Client Service Manager - Stakeholder Management /Automotive

Lieven works for Kantar since 1989 and is currently focusing on the automotive sector.

Machteld Andries

Sr. Brand & Communication research manager

Machteld is the Kantar expert in brand equity and communication research with more than 20 years experience.

Martine Philippe

Client Service Manager – Brand & Communication

Martine is responsible for the Brand & Communications domain. She has been working for Kantar for more than 20 year.

Mathias Bonneu

Client Service Manager - Customer, Employee & Reputation / Political & Social

Mathias started work at Kantar in 2011 and focuses on the public sector and the Customer, Employee and Reputation domain.

Vera Cooremans

Client Service Manager - Customer Strategies

Vera is responsible for the Customer Strategies domain since 2013. She has worked at Kantar for 13 years.

Alexandra Biesmans

Head of Project Management

Alexandra is head of project management and responsible for planning and resource management.

Sandra Van Heyste

Human Resources Manager

Sandra is responsible for HR in Belgium; she has been working at Kantar for more than 20 years.